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As part of CEOCO’s commitment to the company’s sustainability programme CEOCO has decided to investigate projects which promote / enhance biodiversity. Why biodiversity? A healthy biodiversity provides a number of natural services for everyone:

Ecosystem services, such as:

  • Protection of water resources
  • Soils formation and protection
  • Nutrient storage and recycling
  • Pollution breakdown and absorption
  • Contribution to climate stability

Biological resources, such as:

  • Food
  • Medicinal resources and pharmaceutical drugs
  • Wood products
  • Ornamental plants
  • Breeding stocks
  • Future resources

Social benefits, such as:

  • Research, education and monitoring
  • Recreation and tourism
  • Cultural values
  • That is quite a lot of services we get for free!
  • The cost of replacing these (if possible) would be extremely expensive. It therefore makes economic and development sense to move towards sustainability. CEOCO has identified a project which Sondela has embarked on. The project will focus on the development of an Indigenous Plant Nursery.

This Nursery will serve a triple purpose:

  • To provide the Reserve with Indigenous trees that can be introduced into the area
  • To provide vegetables & herbs for the resort’s kitchen to use and
  • As an educational tool, for the second & first year conservation students as part of their learning experience on Sondela Nature Reserve.
  • CEOCO is proud to be part of this initiative in which to further biodiversity in the area and provide for education on this important matter.