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Transforming sunflower production sustainably

The Russia-Ukraine war has had a major impact on the local farming industry, with the cost of fertilisers and fuel increasing drastically since the start of the conflict. Disruptions in global food supply chains and the skyrocketing price of sunflower oil further reflect the pressure experienced over the past months. At farm level, sunflower seed production plays an important role as an ideal crop within the grain farmer crop production and crop rotation system, especially in the warmer and drier areas of the Free State, North West and Limpopo. Sunflower seeds are also an important food source in South Africa – the seeds are pressed and crushed for their oil, which is primarily used as cooking oil in many local households. The extraction process of oil from seed results in sunflower meal, or sunflower oilcake, which is a valuable by-product in the feed industry. It is a powerful and excellent protein source used in the formulation of livestock feed. Among many others, niche sunflower oil use includes being used as sunflower fat spread or margarine, and it is also an important ingredient in skincare, acting as an emollient agent in cosmetic products.

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POPI Act Compliance Notice

Dear CEOCO Client,

As you may be aware, the remainder of the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013, comes into effect on 1 July 2021.

Both CEOCO and yourself, as our client, will need to take steps, as required by the POPI Act, in processing personal information. As defined by the POPI Act, when personal information is received, it places obligations on the responsible person (yourself as our client and CEOCO) when processing the customer’s personal information. We have put measures in place to comply with the following requirements:

• Safeguard personal information when it is processed by CEOCO

• Regulate the use of personal information and all parties in relationship with CEOCO to comply with these measurements

By continuing to use CEOCO as a supplier you are indicating that you agree to comply with the POPI Act.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on +27 11 914 2500 or email us at

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Sunflower Site Visit

Sunflower Farm

Peter Lovelace, one of the Directors of CEOCO had the opportunity to go view the crops prior to harvest for the

Unigrain-Sygenta High Oil Content Sunflower Seed Programme in the Parys and Kroonstad area late April 2022.

As the photo’s indicate you can see the difference in the seed as it is a pure black seed which provides us with a far

higher oil content when we process.

CEOCO has received some of the seed on view in the photos with very encouraging Yield/HA and oil content results.

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Britz Sunflower Crop

This is sunflower seed grown by one of the farmers in Britz, that is part of the High Oil Content Programme, Sygenta - SY3970 for 2022 season.

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Ekstra geld in die sak met olieryke sonneblom


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More money in your back pocket with high oil sunflower

For many grain producers, the sunflower crop has played an important part in making the sums add up at the end of the season. SY 3970CL is a sunflower cultivar that not only brings in the money, but that actually make the purse bulge.

Syngenta is seen as the world leader in sunflower genetics and with the merging of Syngenta and Sensako, Sensako now has direct access to top sunflower genetics from across the world. According to Andries Wessels, Product Development Manager at Syngenta, the South African sunflower producer can now capitalise on this availability of the latest genetics and high oil content cultivars with additional tolerance to herbicides.

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Yet Another Successful Audit

It is with great pride that CEOCO can announce another successful audit in the recertification of the internationally recognised OHSAS 18001:2007.

The standard defines the Occupational health & Safety management system requirements to which CEOCO subscribes. CEOCO has developed an integrated safety, health and environmental program to meet its policy, objectives and regulatory requirements and works towards continual improvement of the work environment for our employees, contractors and visitors health & safety.

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Windpomp Fees 2016

The yearly Limpopo Windpompfees is hosted by “Euphoria Christelike Onafhanklike Skool” and takes place in Naboomspruit at Euphoria Golf Estate & Hydro.

The name of the festival is based on the symbolism of the windpomp (afrikaans word meaning windmill) and representative of the fact that school produces “water” for itself which will then flow into the rest of the community.

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The invasion of the False Armyworm should be declared a national disaster so that emergency funds can be made available to affected provinces before it reaches “catastrophic levels” the DA said on Monday.

DA MP Annette Steyn said as it stood, South Africa met all the requirements to declare the crop infestation a national disaster according to section 23(6) of the National Disaster Management Act. The Act allowed for a disaster to be declared nationally if more than one province was affected.

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Flora Sunflower Fields Video

Watch the Flora Sunflower Fields Video on how to make margarine at home!

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